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Cat Scratch - Eye Injury

This luscious lurcher is Lucy. Lucy was young and curious and still to learn the dangers of those fascinating moving play-things called cats. She came in with her eye scrunched shut after being scratched. Her amazing owners brought her in immediately. They then treated her night and day and brought her back for regular rechecks. As a result, her eye is now comfortable and she can still see.

Cat scratches to eyes are relatively common (especially in puppies and other cats).  If your pet has been scratched, you may not see it happen, but you will notice that their eye is closed or looks a different colour (maybe white or blue or red). Cat scratches to eyes are potentially very serious as they can cause infections and the claws can go all the way into the eye and cause serious internal damage that can sadly be blinding. Fortunately, many eyes can be saved with the right treatments (medical and surgical). We hope you never see your pet with a cat scratch, but if it happens, make an urgent appointment with Jenny Lambert, our ophthalmologist. We will do everything that we can to make your pet comfortable and protect their precious vision.

The first picture is Lucy just after she was scratched. The second picture shows her during her treatment. The last picture shows a very happy Lucy recovering well after her ordeal.