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Meet Simba

Simba is a 5 and half year old domestic short hair cat. He was referred to Bath Veterinary Referrals for further investigation having been troubled for over 2 years by a non-healing wound on the left-hand side of his face. The condition would present as a small recurrent wound that intermittently drained pus. It would initially respond to medical treatment but frustratingly would return soon after stopping treatment.

A CT scan of Simba’s head was performed which revealed the cause of the recurrent infection to be a thin slither of bone (sequestrum) which had likely been the result of a traumatic fracture to his zygomatic bone (cheekbone) at some point in the past.

CT scan of Simba’s skull showing bone fragment indicated by arrows

He was referred to one of our referral surgeons, Ted Corfield, to perform the delicate surgery to remove the troublesome bone fragment whilst being careful to avoid causing damage to all of the important structures in this area.

The bony fragment after successful removal

Fortunately, the fragment was removed without incident and Simba recovered well from the procedure. There has been no further evidence of the infection and he has been enjoying having his handsome face finally back to normal!

Simba post surgery, recovering well.

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