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Willow’s Journey

Willow is a lovely gentle 10-year-old Lurcher owned by Sophie and Joe, who came to Bath Canine Hydrotherapy for physiotherapy and hydrotherapy in mid December 2021 approximately 2 weeks after a sudden onset of non-ambulatory tetraparesis where she had a C4/5 hydrated disc extrusion with moderate spinal cord compression. An investigation including MRI had been performed by a neurology Specialist at another referral centre, and conservative management had been advised but with a plan to consider decompressive surgery if further deterioration occurred. She was struggling to lift her head to eat her food, was not able to sit or stand up or walk. She had previously enjoyed long walks, running around and playing with her daughter Whisper but was no longer able to do any of these activities. She was obviously feeling quite low and took great comfort in her paw being stroked.

She has now had regular physiotherapy and underwater treadmill hydrotherapy sessions at Bath Canine Hydrotherapy and her owners Sophie and Joe are dedicated to completing Willow's daily physiotherapy exercises at home which has resulted in Willow making encouraging progress.

As of the start of February,  she can now walk for at least 15 minutes by herself, has become playful and cheeky and wanting to play with her daughter again. Willow continues to get stronger and her physiotherapy exercises have been specifically developed to challenge her balance, strength and joint flexibility and encourage her on her journey to returning to having fun and more of a normal, happy dog life.

If you think you have case in your care to refer or that your dog could benefit from some physiotherapy and hydrotherapy treatment please contact us on 01225 982777.