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Meet Penny

Penny, a three-year-old Springer spaniel, managed to get a 7.5 cm stick stuck up her nose. She was on a walk with her owner and started sneezing with blood coming out of one nostril. The dog did not appear to suffer from any other injuries.

With the owner understandably concerned, Penny was taken to see the vet Amelia to have an examination under general anaesthetic. There was no obvious foreign material visualised with conventional instruments during her anaesthetic. Our medic Federica Manna looked up Penny’s nose with a rigid endoscope and spotted a small wooden object. On first approach we were not expecting such a large foreign body to be found. Grasping forceps were used to grasp and remove the 7.5cm wooden stick.

Our veterinary team and owner were equally stunned by how the long object was and how far up poor Penny's nose it had reached.

Penny was then sent home with an anti-inflammatory drug and an antibiotic to cover for secondary infection. Penny completely recovered from this bad experience and is now enjoying the walk as before.

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